• Track and increase the probability and impact of positive events. Measure and  decrease the probability and impact of negative events in your project
  • Identify and prioritize risk in advance by providing action oriented information to the Project Mangers
  • Risk Dashboard – Quadrant & Heat Map View
  • Risk Tolerance level – Set this to highlight Risks with high score
  • Table View – A traditional spreadsheet view to look all Risk attributes for the Project
  • Reminders – Add Risk Action due date into Reminder
  • Email notification – Get updates from Risk owners
  • Export Risk Register – for Sharing with Team members
  • Advanced Risk register – Allows comprehensive Risk Attributes tracking
  • Risk Path – View mitigated Risk’s path traversal in Quadrant view


How-to-use Risk Register app for iPad Video


Getting Started with Risk Register
User Manuals & Sample Files
Knowledge Base
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